Termite Inspection in Gold Coast

The potential for termite infestation is a very real threat to building structures across Queensland, with one in four homes having termites on the property, it is essential to have a pre-purchase termite inspection undertaken before you commit to purchasing your new property. BPI Gold Coast North are experts in building and pest inspections and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in inspecting properties. 

The destruction caused by termites is not always visible to the naked eye; as they like to live in dark, damp spaces, their true extent of the damage is usually hidden beneath the surface. While the ceiling or floor in a property may appear strong, termites could have consumed the cellulose in the boards and beams, rendering the surface weak and unsafe and in need of replacement. 

How do we perform a termite inspection? 

For a termite inspection our team uses traditional and trusted methods. Our tools include a probe/tapping device that reveals deterioration, moisture meters which show termite activity in damp environments and thermal cameras to display hot and cold areas to identify dampness and high moisture conditions. 

When purchasing a home having an emotional attachment can cause a buyer to overlook potential issues. This is why it is essential to have a third party undertake a thorough building, handover and pest inspection to help identify any and all issues that may impact your buying decision. We can service all areas of the Gold Coast including Ashmore, Robina, Nerang and Southport.

How much does a termite inspection cost? 

At BPI Gold Coast North we offer competitive rates to help take the stress out purchasing your new home. For a termite inspection with a thermal camera scan, the cost will start at $299.00. As your home is likely to be one of the biggest investments you ever make, having a trained and licensed expert complete termite inspection is well and truly worth the cost. 

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